Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are you ready for iTechnology Forms Accelerator v2.5?

iTechnology Forms Accelerator was primarily developed with the simple goal to be useful tool for both IT professionals and business users when creating electronic forms in SharePoint. We are happy to see that it accomplished its goal.

Over the last few months we have been working on implementing additional functionality to our product. Number of these changes came as a suggestion from our current users, and others we were eager to implement since v2.0. Some of the most exciting new features are the Ability to operate with data from External Sources; Operations over Web Services; Extended integration page; Significantly improved Deployment procedure; Auto-populate Drop-down lists; Wizards for Forms Development; Nintex Workflow 2007 integration; upgrade to Silverlight 4 and more.

iTechnology Forms Accelerator will be available in two versions: free and commercial. See below in details what are the new features per version:

For Free version:
  • Ability to run Forms Designer out-of-browser
  • Basic support of Web Services: Localhost only
  • Copy Perspective option
  • “Events” - user can attach actions on "Perspective load" and "Button submit" events.
  • K2 4.5 Workflow Support
  • Support of Nintex Workflow 2007
  • Important issues from iTFA v.2.0.x fixed
  • Only one front-end server (running). Limit on deployment and Runtime
Commercial version will have the Free version functionality plus:
  • Wizards for forms generation, which allows users to create an amazing forms with just few clicks.
  • Full Support of Web Services including additional authentication types (delegation, basic authentication, anonymous, etc.)

We are excited to announce that the new version will be available in November and the exact date will be announced soon. For more details or to request a private presentation of the new version, please contact us at
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