Friday, May 21, 2010

We present you iTechnology Check Effective Permissions web part

There are numerous times when iTechnology consultants have had requests to determine user’s effective permissions around SharePoint sites. With SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0 displaying them in a tree format is currently not possible out-of-the-box. This is why we have built a small web part to display them on a desired site for our clients.

In this post I will get you through the FREE download, setup and features of our small tool that iTechnology present you with.

FREE download

You can download the iTechnology Check Effective Permissions web part from our Downloads section (free registration is required).


  1. Use install.bat file to add the solution to your SharePoint
  2. In Central Administration deploy iTechnology Check Effective Permissions feature to whichever site you need it.


iTechnology Check Effective Permissions feature deploys a small web part to the web part gallery of the site. You can find it in the iTechnology group and add it to a desired page.

View as Site Collection Administrator

In the iTechnology Check Effective Permissions web part settings you can set Display mode of the web part which lets you choose between “Display from root site” and “Display from current site”. This is how the web part’s settings screen looks like:

The first option will present you with the opportunity to view permission levels coming from the various possible sources in the tree of websites in the current site collection; the latter one – only from the site where the web part has been used down the websites’ tree. This is how the screen looks like for Site Collection Administrators:

When the administrator hovers over the more marker a small window pops up with the granular effective permissions for the user. This is great for determining why some user can or cannot do something at a specific website:

View as User

The web part can also be used to display permissions for normal users. They will be presented with their permission levels and the more granular rights but cannot search for other users’ permissions:

The web part’s settings also can be applied and work the same way as for Site Collection Administrators.

Let us know what you think!

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Unknown said...

Will this permission checkingofo beyond the list/library level to check folder, and list item permissions?

Tihomir Atanasov said...

Currently the web part displays effective permissions only on a site level. It sounds like an interesting feature request to display user permissions on different objects like lists, document libraries, items, etc. within each website.

Anonymous said...

I deployed the wsp, but when I pull up a page and go to add your web part, it's nowhere to be found. Central Admin shows it as deployed. I cannot even find it in the top-level site features to see if it somehow didn't get activated. Is there any source code I can look at to see where this is going south in my particual development environment?