Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Passed 70-541 exam today

By Pako Simeonov

I finally got some time between project assignments and decided to pass the 70-541: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - Application Development exam. The test contains 59 questions, but actually the ones that are included in the final score are less - i believe 55. The time to complete the exam was 3 hours and I can say that it is more than enough. It took me a little bit more than 1 hour to complete the test, but I was in a hurry to finish it in order not to get stuck in the LA traffic going back to Orange County. The final score I got was 900 out of 1000. The passing score for this test is 700, which is equal to probably around 40 right answers out of 55 questions. 

Here is what the test covers: 

1. Deploying Windows SharePoint Services and Custom Components
2. Creating Site and Feature Provisioning Components
3. Creating Metadata and Workflow Provisioning Components
4. Developing Windows SharePoint Services Components by Using the .NET framework
5. Manipulating Site Content by Using the API
6. Manipulating Site Configuration by Using the API

It just took me few days to refresh my knowledge by reading the Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 book and with the practical experience I have with SharePoint it was more than enough to prepare for the test and I would recommend you not to waste money on anything else. The only thing that the book doesn't cover is the SharePoint Records Management, but there are a few articles out there that are more than enough to prepare yourself. 

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Aroh Shukla said...

Hi Pako,

I am almost through the book you mentioned, perparing for this exam and I have 2 years of SharePoint.

Shall I take this exam now, as new SharePoint 2010 is coming soon.

Could you please advice me?

Pako Simeonov said...

If you have the experience this exam should not be a problem for you. SharePoint 2010 will released probably beginning of 2010 and a time will pass untill the real exams are ready for it. Most likely you will need at least 4-5months to get used to it before you take the exam, so if it is OK for you to wait 6-7 months I guess you don't need to take the current one. However if I have the time I will take the current one. The last time I asked myself a question like this was when MS was about to release .NET 2.0/ VS 2005 and I said to myself that I will wait for it. Guess what - I never had time after that :)