Tuesday, October 7, 2008

K2 [blackpoint] Installation Wrong Type of Database

By Hristo Yankov
As of today, you can install K2 [blackpoint] only on a clean (K2-free) environment. So if you are trying to install K2 [blackpoint] on an environment previously or currently used by K2 [blackpearl], you have no choice but uninstall K2 [blackpearl].

What you should be aware of, however, is the fact that the K2 [blackpearl] uninstaller does not remove the K2 databases (HostServer, Categories, Dependencies, etc) from the SQL server! If you try to install the K2 [blackpoint] databases on the same SQL server and haven't deleted the K2 [blackpearl] databases manually, you will end up with the following errors during the K2 [blackpoint] installation:

So long story made short, make sure the K2 [blackpoint] database installation does not overlap with existing K2 [blackpearl] databases, as they are not being removed by uninstaller.
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